Creme de la Creme – Seling Luxury


Selling luxury is a passion. Luxury sale consists of a combination of three elements: design, brand ambassador and client. Luxury sale is not possible without offering a unique experience to client.

No matter what the product is, rationale is the same in luxury sale and therefore this book will be guiding in presentation of different products (textile, jewelry, automobiles, exclusive services and etc.).

This book details every stage to enable all enthusiastic brand ambassadors offer their clients’ unique experience in luxury sale.

Name of the Book: Crème de la Crème – Selling Luxury
Author of the Book: Dr. Zeki Yüksekbilgili
Editor: Dr. Gülbeniz Akduman
Composition / Cover: Ufuk Çetiner
Editorial Director: Mustafa Türkmenoğlu
Certificate No. / 17417
Publishing No. /479
Education Series /267
ISBN 978-605-4749-64-5 üzerinde satışta olan e-kitap versiyonu bağlantısı için buraya tıklayın.